Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SEVEN RECIPES for the New Urbanism

Freshly published, the Seven Recipes for the New Urbanism presents an irreverent view of seven magical recipes at the heart of the New Urbanism movement: memory, suburban dysfunction, intellectual precedents, region and ecology, urban form, building type and cultural representation. A number of admonitions and a thrilling professional agenda (cleverly disguised as metaphysical denials and affirmations) are followed by a portfolio of breathtaking projects, drawings and photographs. This is one of the freshest expressions of New Urbanism by one of its most zealous practitioners and scholars.

The book is available at many different bookstores online:


It will soon be available at Barnes & Noble, and Books & Books!

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Kishah said...

I am excited to get a copy for myself. Often people ask me about the elements of architecture and I have a hard time explaining New Urbanism to them without giving them a speech.:) I am excited to be able to read this book in hopes that it will help me keep my 'lessons' short.